CEDAR RAPIDS Concrete Contractor is a full-service concrete contractor specializing in all decorative finishes for driveways, patios, and sidewalks. We strive to provide you with the best of the science of concrete mixing and finishing to extend the life of your concrete.

Our qualified associates will come to your home at your convenience and provide you with an accurate quote as well as a variety of design and finish options to give your home a look you’ve always wanted. We do residential and commercial work and are available to work 24 hours a day, six days a week.


Our Company’s Concrete leveling and foundation repair services may vary by location but may include: concrete leveling (also known as mud excavation or slab excavation), concrete cleaning and sealing, pouring new concrete, foundation repair, etc.


Leveling and Repairing Concrete

The leading service of CEDAR RAPIDS Concrete Contracting Services is the leveling and repair of concrete. We lift and level the poured concrete, leaving it beautiful and level again. We achieve this through the use of patented equipment and a process that has been perfected over and over again to satisfy every client’s demands. It is a cost-effective way to restore the beauty and safety of your concrete without having to break it and replace it. Repairing and improving your concrete can save up to 70% on the replacement cost.


Cleaning and Sealing of Concrete.

One of the best ways to keep your concrete newer and longer is to use the cleaning and sealing services of CEDAR RAPIDS Concrete Leveling. Our team members use high-pressure cleaners to clean all dirt, mold, salts, and concrete oils. Then seal it with a high-quality penetrating sealer that will help prevent the surface of your concrete from itching and peeling. Without a sealer, concrete can begin to deteriorate in just a few years. With a good seal, it can last for years or even decades before you start to see signs of aging on its surface.


Repair of Concrete Cracks and Caulking

While concrete cleaning and waterproofing protect the surface of your concrete, concrete caulking protects the integrity of the entire slab. Water is the biggest threat to the stability and structure of concrete. By sealing the concrete and then caulking all the cracks and expansion joints, CEDAR RAPIDS Concrete Contracting Services can effectively create a moisture barrier for your concrete. By preventing water from entering and flowing under its concrete, we can prevent it from moving during the freezing and thawing cycles, as well as the heavy rain that the basement could wash.


New Concrete Pouring

Many of our sites also offer concrete pouring services. When the concrete is finally at the end of its useful life, it may be time to tear it off and replace it. Or, maybe you have new concrete to put, perhaps around a new pool or a new driveway. Who better to call than a company that knows precisely what needs to be done to create beautiful and sustainable concrete? Well, lucky for you, we’re always one call away! Call CEDAR RAPIDS Concrete Contracting Services now to avail our Premium Concrete Pouring Services!


Concrete Foundation Repair

Not only concrete slabs are essential, but also the foundation of your home. In fact, what is more, important to your family than a solid base under your house? Our Company’s Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair experts have decades of experience in gently lifting and building foundations in place. Also, our repair processes will ensure that they will not be reinstalled while you own your home. Depending on your specific needs, there are different solutions. Contact us today to get your free quote and find out how CEDAR RAPIDS Concrete Contracting Services can help you put your home back on firm ground.