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There are plenty of ways you can make your property higher in value and more attractive, one of them is having concrete sidewalks in Cedar Rapids. In any case, you can make your home more beautiful while also adding another functional feature to your home. With all that kept in mind, a concrete sidewalk is the one that fits the bill of your objective the most.

There are many ways that installing a concrete sidewalk adds so much more value and benefits to your property. Many people may be thinking “isn’t concrete fairly easy to install?”, although it is true that concrete known to have a simple installation method, ‘simple’ does not really mean easy. 

Advantages Of Hiring A Professional For Concrete Sidewalk

Professional Work

One fo the biggest problem that normal homeowners come across to is the fact that they have inefficient knowledge and tools for pouring concrete. You may be able to conduct some easier, more simple concrete projects that does not require much work, however, for more drastic concrete constructions such as installing a concrete sidewalk, you would need much more high-quality tools and materials to successfully finish the job.

Cost Friendliness

Many people have the misconception that DIY will cut their costs, but that is not entirely true. Although cost-efficiency may be applicable to certain DIY projects, it does not on large concrete projects. As mentioned, there would be certain tools needed that normal homeowners may not have. If the DIY homeowner were also to make a mistake, then more money may be needed to work on it.


Concrete is well-known for its versatility, especially in design, however, would this still be possible if the person installing the concrete slab is an amateur, most likely, no. It is widely known that concrete can be customized in several various ways. Since concrete is installed by pouring, the shape it can take is practically unlimited. 

With that said, a large portion of the customization and designing is applied in the installment of the concrete itself. This cannot be done just by some amateur that does not know anything about the procedure. If you want certain decorative techniques done to your concrete, then be sure to contact a professional.

Concrete Sidewalk Repair

Concrete is very popular for being a highly durable construction material option. It is regularly used for industrial construction which simply further proves the reliability and credibility of the material. However, no matter how durable it may be, there will still be times when it is damaged. This especially applies for concrete sidewalks that are always constantly accommodating traffic. 

Keeping damaged or worn-out concrete without attending to them can deal some serious damage to your property safety. If you’re worried about your property’s concrete, you can hire professionals to assess them for you.

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Many homeowners think that handling concrete is simple. Although that is true, it is not easy when it comes to a full on construction such as a concrete sidewalk installment. DIY may be possible for pouring small amounts of concrete or some light concrete damage repairs, but professionals are needed in these cases. Our professionals in Cedar Rapids are reliable, trustworthy concrete experts that can handle concrete skillfully.


How thick does a concrete sidewalk need to be?

The optimal thickness for a general use concrete sidewalk is four inches. The purpose of your sidewalk is the main determining factor of the thickness you need.

Do concrete sidewalks need rebar?

Usually, rebar used in sidewalks are required to withstand impact on a regular basis. General use sidewalks don’t benefit from the addition of rebar.

How much does it cost to pour a concrete walkway?

It is best to coordinate with a professional concrete contractor, however, a rough estimate of cost for a concrete sidewalk or walkway installation in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is $5.75 per square foot ( or 4 inch reinforced slab) , with a range of $5.43 – $6.06.

How many bags of concrete do I need for a sidewalk?

There are multiple of online calculator that can estimate how much bags of concrete you may need. However, you can also roughly estimate it by dividing the total cubic yards needed by the yield.

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