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Concrete driveways are pretty useful. They not only increase your home’s curb appeal but also serves to be a functional addition to your home. With properly installed and maintained concrete driveways, it can accommodate multiple vehicles, of course depending on what kind of vehicle they are. If you have some heavier vehicles, it may be a good idea to add some thickness to the driveway and some reinforcements to make it sturdier. 

In any case, concrete driveways can be an investment. Apart from being really cost-efficient, concrete driveways are also able to last for about 30 years and continue to cure and harden if it is being properly maintained. In fact, some may suggest that older concrete is much stronger than younger or newer traditional materials concrete. 

Although concrete is known for being an easily maintained and functional material concrete, there are still some things to keep in mind such as soil erosion on either side of the driveway, avoiding using de-icing chemicals, and opting for a sealer to protect their investment. To make things clear, let’s explain why you should install material concrete driveways.

Why Choose Concrete Driveway

Choosing what type of material and how your driveway will be installed is very important, after all, if the material you chose is weak or the installment was done poorly, it can end up damaging the driveway. Any damaged driveways in Cedar Rapids can also lead to some accidents, from simple tripping to damaging vehicles or driving hazards.

Concrete Durability And Performance

Let’s start with the most important aspect. All driveways should remain strong, and their durability should be guaranteed as the children that will be playing and vehicles that will be driving would rely on the driveway. With that said, you need strong and long-lasting materials. 

A lot would say that out of all materials, concrete is known to last relatively long, after all, it is said that concrete gets stronger the older it gets. In fact, concrete is popularly used in industrial build, solidifying the proof of its reliability with strength. If you want to achieve long-term structural strength and integrity, concrete is the best option. The service life of concrete driveways is, on average, about 50-60 percent longer than its asphalt counterpart. Even with commercial waterproofing concrete pumping.

Iowa Concrete Appearance

The next thing homeowners should be concerned about after the durability of the surface is the decorative concrete appearance. It can be difficult to gain an attractive driveway at an attainable price. Most of the other Cedar Rapids IA driveway material alternatives are already too expensive to install, which would be more expensive to maintain, upgrade, or decorative customize. 

In the first place, other driveway materials aren’t so easily customized. In fact, most of them are unable to look too much different from their original appearances, however, that does not apply to concrete. Apart from imitating the appearance of other natural stones with concrete stamping, it is also very versatile, enough that the customization is practically limitless. 

Stamped concrete surfaces add a pleasing texture that often blends beautifully with a home’s architectural design. You may consult your concrete contractor for the specifics since they would most likely have a collection of images or examples that they could give your concrete Cedar Rapids driveway. 

Cost-Efficiency And Low-Maintenance Costs

Although concrete may not necessarily be the cheapest option, considering the longer-term investment, such as the strength, durability, and even the possible maintenance cost of other driveway options which would most likely come with an expensive bill. There is also the fact that concrete is quite easy to install, which cuts more money for labor. With the money saved, you can use it on a lot of other things that can be more useful. 

Even with the initial cost of getting the concrete driveways installed and for construction, you would definitely still save money in the long term since concrete driveways have low maintenance costs. It is also possible to reduce concrete maintenance costs through the use of contraction joints as well as penetrating sealers.

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Many homeowners think that handling concrete installation is simple. Although that is true, it is not easy when it comes to a full-on residential concrete construction such as a concrete driveway installment. DIY may be possible for pouring small amounts of concrete or some light concrete damage repairs, but professionals such as Cedar Rapids concrete Company LLC are needed in these cases. Our professional concrete contractor Cedar Rapids Ai are reliable, trustworthy concrete experts that can handle concrete skillfully, even with smooth concrete walls or decks.

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