Is Iowa A Good Place To Live?

Iowa is a great place to visit or move to if you’re in need of a bunch of fresh local produce and small towns that also provide a city life. Apart from the great amenities the city provides, there are also a bunch of gorgeous natural scenic views, friendly people, low crime rates, affordable homes, and a small-town atmosphere, making it one of the most desired places to live in the United States.

It is guaranteed that you will enjoy your time in Cedar Rapids no matter if you’re a millennial, a young family, a retiree, or even a student. The Hawkeye state has a suitable lifestyle for everyone. To better understand why Iowa would be a great place to live in, let us get further into detail on its benefits. 

Cost of Living

First and foremost is that although Iowa provides that big city feeling, the cost of living isn’t all that high. Naturally, it may depend on your location, but the average cost of living in the state of Iowa is about 10-15% lower than the average of all states in America. The cost of living refers to everything, from groceries and utilities to transportation, all contribute to the cost savings.

Apart from the lower costs with daily necessities, the thing that stands out the most is the fact that its house costs are also lower. The median cost of Iowa’s average home should be about 40% less than the national average, much like the state of Kansas. In fact, the place is a high sales, low-cost state, which lets us go to the next point.

Iowa Opportunities

Iowa offers some great job opportunities and economic growth opportunities. If one of your goals is to find a new job then Iowa would be a great choice. Iowa is also considered a strong and vibrant economy. Iowa is often stereotyped as being all farming. Although it is true that the state has a large production of agricultural products, there’s more to it.


The agricultural sector includes the growing of corn and soybeans. Livestock production too. With hogs, beef cattle, milk, chicken, and eggs leading the way. Smaller-scale, more sustainable farming is also growing in popularity. Another major player for the state is food processing and manufacturing. The state has a great line of production for agricultural chemicals and heavy machinery.

Renewable Energy

There is also the growing segment of renewable energy. This fits right in the economic sector as it is one of the top states in the country based on its production of electricity from wind power. There are also large employers that based on employee count are a diverse group. In any case, the state of Iowa allows you to make more and spend less.


Another thing that makes Iowa a great place to live, especially for students or families with children is that are going to school, then Iowa can be a great new home. Iowa is ranked highly for its educational standards. The state boasts an exceptionally high graduation rate from high school.

If you have a college-bound high school graduate. Or just want to go back to school as one of your mid-term self-improvement goals. Then Iowa also offers some excellent universities to consider. Specifically, the University of Iowa, Iowa State University, and the University of Northern Iowa.

Final Note

Iowa also has no issues with urbanization and traffic congestion. Most big cities have have such issues, but in Iowa, traffic jams are almost unheard of. And most communities offer a small-town feel about them. In short, you will still be hard-pressed to feel the big city vibe while being free of this problem.

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