Who Are The Most Famous People In Iowa?

The state of Iowa was home to many popular people, some of them including actors and people from the entertainment industry. One of the most well-known celebrities that started their distinguished personality in the humble state of Iowa is the actor and human rights activist, Ashton Kutcher. He was not only an actor and human rights activist but was also a renowned model and producer. 

Ashton Kutcher accredited many of his creative inspiration to his journeys to the source of creation, which is the times that he visits Kabalah centers. He also regards himself as a sort of fiscal conservative and a social liberal. Many of the audience describe him as a hunky, young actor that is going in all sorts of directions. 

Ever since his university days, he has already started as a college summer hire in the Cereal department of General Mills plant, he did so in order to earn money for his college tuition. His skills in entrepreneurship were also seen at play as he invested in both the Italian restaurant ‘Dolce’, and a Japanese- themed restaurant ‘Geisha House’ located in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York City.

He is known as a talented man who dabbled in sports and was named the assistant coach for the freshman football team at Harvard- Westlake School. And, for what he’s quite popular, he paired up with Kevin Costner for the Movie Guardian, going through the trouble of engaging intensive physical training for his role as a rescue swimmer..

Although it has been such a long time until this actor’s era, John Wayne was another respected and popular icon during Hollywood’s Golden Age. Apart from being an actor, he was also a director that went on to become one of the greatest stars in Hollywood. Wayne was successful, his career lasted several decades. 

Although he did not set out to be an actor, but instead, was a set of circumstances that saw him starting off as an extra in movies. Subsequently, he went on to become one of the biggest stars who specialized in typical Westerns. Although Wayne was known to be successful, it was not all success in his career, in fact, when he just first started out, he struggled a lot as he had to play minor roles. 

It was then in the film ‘Stagecoach’ that things would change. Over the years, he appeared in classic films, such as John Ford’s ‘Cavalry Trilogy’ and the 1956 film ‘The Searchers.’ His portrayal of ‘Ethan Edwards’ in ‘The Searchers is regarded by movie connoisseurs as his greatest performance.

As mentioned, he wasn’t just doing acting, but also directing. He went on and directed and acted in a number of films during the ‘Second World War’ that were specially made to entertain the troops engaged in the war. In the end, Wayne was another legend that left behind a body of work that will forever be treasured by film lovers of all ages.

Another actor, producer, and DJ that lived in Iowa was Elijah Wood. He is best known for playing ‘Frodo Baggins’ in the popular ‘Lord of the Rings’ film trilogy. Wood showed signs of becoming a great entertainer right from his childhood. He turned to modeling at the age of seven. In less than two years after becoming a model, he not only made his film debut but also became the most successful and critically acclaimed child actor.

Although many successful actors starts out with an actor-related job, Wood, however, started and found success at different stages of his career; he was successful as a child and teen actor and is now playing mainstream lead roles. While ‘Radio Flyer,’ ‘The Good Son,’ ‘North,’ and ‘Flipper’ worked well for him during his time as a child actor, films like ‘The Ice Storm,’ ‘Deep Impact,’ and ‘The Faculty’ helped him during the transition phase.

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